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    The federal government is planning to appeal a court decision that quashed an order-in-council listing manufactured plastic items as toxic.

    Last week, a Federal Court judge ruled that the government’s move to list all plastic items as toxic was “unreasonable and unconstitutional.”

    “Our government intends to appeal the Federal Court’s decision and we are exploring all options to continue leading the fight against plastic pollution,” the statement says.

    In her ruling released Thursday, Justice Angela Furlanetto wrote that the category of plastic manufactured items was too broad to be given a blanket toxicity label under federal law.

    Furlanetto wrote that Ottawa’s decision “poses a threat to the balance of federalism” because it didn’t restrict its regulations to those plastics that have “potential to cause harm to the environment.”

    On Thursday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and her Environment Minister Rebecca Schulz urged Ottawa not to appeal Furlanetto’s decision.

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