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Welcome to the imaginary network, the best[1] place to share artwork.

This lemmysphere will be an up to date list of “themed art” lemmyspheres currently part of the F.N.I.C.

It will also be for the announcements of new artwork lemmyspheres; or submitting your 'sphere to join the imaginary network.

(Don’t worry, the logo’s temporary)

Do you have a lemmysphere or kbin magazine that you think should be part of the imaginary network? Make a post here; or message me on matrix!

What are we looking for?

Who’s here already? Here is the full list:

Imaginary Cathedrals, Temples, and Graveyards Cathedrals || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Cathedrals, temples, and fanes; any religious iconography

Imaginary Cosmere || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Art from Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere book series

Imaginary Dilapidation and Dystopiæ Dilapidation || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Urban and societal decay & degradation

Imaginary Dieselpunk/Decopunk Dieselpunk || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Dieselpunk and Decopunk: iron, smoke, and rivets

Imaginary Dragons || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Dragons, wyverns, wyrms, sea serpents, and the like.

Imaginary Fairies || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Fairies, and other fae folk including pixies, banshees, gnomes and leprechauns

Imaginary Kanto || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • The Pokémon world in a breathable and living habitat

Imaginary Merfolk || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Mermaids, mermen and other humanoid merfolk.

Imaginary Portals Portals || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Portals, gateways and thresholds

Imaginary Starships || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • A place to post pictures of imaginary starships

Imaginary Steampunk Steampunk || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Steampunk: brass, leather, and cogs

Imaginary Trains Trains || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Locomotives, railways, and trains from any time period

Imaginary Warhammer Warhammer || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Any art from pretty much any Games Workshop game is welcome here.

Imaginary Wastelands and Ruins Wastelands || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Post-apocalyptic, destroyed, or post-post-apocalyptic settings

Imaginary Witches || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Witches and any other witch adjacent characters like dark summoners, necromancers or mages with a witchy vibe.

Friends of The F.N.I.C.

Other art or similar lemmyspheres affiliated with the network

Raining || Kbin link || Absolute link

  • Not thoroughly an art lemysphere; but it is aiming to invoke a particular æsthetic

  1. citation needed ↩︎