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  • Unfortunately even if they could figure that all out. They probably don’t have enougharable land to feed everyone. Maybe with enough ag chemical, maybe not. Before WWII the North half of Korea was more the manufactured side and the south was the ag side. Right after WWII the North was better off with a greater GDP. The US destroyed more less all of the manufacturing facilities of the North during the Korean war, this along with the Juche(extreme self reliants and isolationism) only made everything worse.

    Yeah there is a lot more detail but no essays today.

  • Thank you that was an interesting read. I have always been amused by the ridiculousness of branding immigrants as criminals for immigranting illegally there for making them ineligible for immigration because they are criminals.

    It sort of seem like the secret take away is that the much of the perceived crime is being created because of immigration, but not by immigrants. These attacks on immigrants would be unreported. So not in the statics but still perceived by the public. Very catch 22.

    Also it is “amazing” how when men feel they are need and useful to there society, family unit, etc. They tend to be much better, productive members of society. But when you tell them that they are useless and unneeded. They quickly become the useless people they are told they are. (I am sure this is woman thing too, I feel it worse for men idk)