An Israeli missile has hit Iran, two US officials have told the BBC’s US partner CBS News.

Iranian state media is reporting that flights have been suspended over several cities, according to Associated Press.

Iran has been on high alert after Israel said it would respond to an Iranian attack against it on Saturday night

  • melpomenesclevage
    2 months ago

    therefore you must put the few in charge without contest? compromise with tyrants? edit: except forgetting to negotiate for yourself, and being all in on team tyrant?

    sorry I dont mean to sound rude, its just it always sounds like a christian standing up in the pews, proclaiming that the pastor is being corrupted by the devil, and declaring that he’s done with this blasphemous church, and he’s starting his own church (of the devil. but not in like the cool way, because he’s a christian)

    it just sounds like an excuse to not try. and its not like there aren’t measures to take; forms of organization, social leveling conventions, etc.