• JakeBacon
    29 months ago

    While I haven’t played it in a hot second, Dead Cells is one of my favorite rogue-likes and this is very exciting news.

    I don’t watch much TV, but I’ll likely watch these since the episodes will be short.

    • @PartyPooper@lemmy.world
      29 months ago

      Got any other recommendations? I’ve played Binding of Isaac and Hades, and Dead Cells was the last obsession. Been playing Diablo IV lately though.

      • JakeBacon
        29 months ago

        List of Roguelikes I recommend

        I’m too lazy to link all of them so I’ve added some “tags” in parentheses to help you parse what you might like. I collect video games in-leu of being a physical hoarder so my steam library is quite large.

        • Enter the Gungeon (well known)
        • Hades (well known)
        • Dead Cells (well known)
        • Wall World (mining/base defense)
        • Dome Keeper (mining/base defense)
        • Nova Drift (bullet hell/twinstick)
        • Across the Obelisk (deck building and co-op)
        • Vampire Survivors (well-known and cheap)
        • 20 Minutes Till Dawn (well-known and cheap)
        • Backpack Hero (deck building but not)
        • Risk of Rain (well known, horde shooter, co-op, remake coming soon)
        • Risk of Rain 2 (well known, horde shooter, co-op)
        • Luck be a Landlord (deckbuilding but not)
        • Slay the Spire (well known, deck building)
        • Peglin (deckbuilding but not)
        • Gunfire Reborn (Shooter, Co-op)
        • Anvil (Twinstick, Co-op)
        • Tower Tactics (Tower Defense)
        • Pawnbarian (chess but not)
        • Bullets Per Minute (boomer shooter, rhythm game)
        • Loop Hero (deck builder but not)
        • Midboss (dungeon crawler)
        • Dungeons of Dredmor (dungeon crawler, wacky)
        • Downwell (arcade)
        • Dungeon of the Endless (tower defense, dungeon crawler)
        • Crawl (PvP, dungeon crawler)
        • Streets of Rogue (Co-op, Dungeon Crawler)
        • Darkwood (semi-roguelike, horror)
        • Dungreed (sidescroller, dungeon crawler)
        • Wizard of Legend (dungeon crawler, co-op)
        • For the King (turn based RPG, Coop)
        • Sunless Sea/Skies (story-based RPG)
        • One Way Heroics (JRPG, cheap)
        • Faster Than Light (well-known)
          • tmyakal
            19 months ago

            I like the parenthetical comments to contextualize each item on the list. Dude is dedicated to the craft.