EDIT: we just crossed 30K 🥳

We are now at 28.5K users (see https://lemmy.fediverse.observer/list). The top 10 instances also got a decent boost in user count. With the exception of beehaw.org which defederated, the Fediverse is thriving 🔥

  • JakeBacon
    59 months ago

    I’m new here but if I stick around long enough I’ll probably get up my own server/instance(s) for the various parts of the fediverse I participle in. Mostly because it sounds neat and partially because it would allow other people I know to have a fediverse “home” operated by a familiar face (if the fediverse gets popular among the mainstream).

    Right now it’s just Lemmy, but I may eventually participate in Mastodon, Matrix, Peertube, Owncast and.

    I’m going to wait first though to see if the Lemmy userbase (and platform) remains healthy and/or grows. Then would come the hard part of setup, I’m familiar with technology, but nowhere near a professional or a hobbyist (unless you count gaming).

    • 🇺🇦 seirim
      29 months ago

      I set up our instance at Lemmy.pro for pretty much those same reasons, just to contribute in some way (I read messaging at Lemmy.ml when I first came around that adding instances helped) and make a space I could control my own account from.