I’m looking for PC games that I can play while listening to podcasts- games that don’t have engaging cut scenes or important dialogue, games that honestly don’t require a lot of skill or thought.

I used to be really into things like Farm Frenzy, Rescue Team, hidden object games, that kind of thing. I got heavily into MMOs and stopped downloading casual games for a decade or so.

Now it almost feels like this sort of game isn’t made anymore? Were they completely nuked by the existence of Gacha games, P2W, and anything that earns the dev a constant income stream? I’m happy to pay for a game once, but I can’t be constantly buying booster packs.

I also don’t want to play on mobile or on a console, PC Master Race here, haha.

  • JakeBacon
    59 months ago

    Came here to suggest vampire survivors. Super cheap game that you can just turn your brain off and play.

    • @woodenskewer@beehaw.org
      39 months ago

      this game is pretty dangerous. i got super hooked on it. after you get better and more unlocks, each run locks you into another 30 minutes. it was pretty awesome to get sucked into.