Aww … poor little ISPs.

  • @WarmSoda
    8 months ago

    They government is charging them those fees. And the government has said that they do not need to pass those fees onto the customer.

    In order to operate they must pay those fees. They do not need to charge the customer those fees. But they do anyways.

    Thus, they are passing the cost of doing business onto the customer.

    Read the quoted text.

    Is it the only issue? No. It is part of the issue. And the FCC called them out on it.

    • conciselyverbose
      98 months ago

      They will literally always pass all of their costs of doing business to their customers. That’s what businesses are and it is impossible to function any other way.

      It is not in any way part of the issue. There is exactly one issue here. It’s adding these fees on top of the price you advertised to the customer with absolutely zero way for the customer to find out the actual price they’ll be charged. That’s the only thing the FCC cares about here and the entire issue. Anything else is a lie and a misdirection.

      • @WarmSoda
        38 months ago

        Ok yeah I can see that. Thank you for breaking it down like that.