Right now, you create an identity by signing up to a Lemmy/Mastodon/Kbin/Matrix/etc. instance, and you need a separate identity for each app (if you want the full experience, though you can interact in some ways with only one identity).

Could it be possible to make an app that handles just authentication? So I could identify myself as @TheButtonJustSpins@example.com and respond to login requests from each type of app (since the login process doesn’t seem to be unified)? Then just use whichever app/interface makes sense at the time?

So I could log in with Jerboa or Element by pointing them to the instance of the authentication app, but then use Jerboa or Element to interact with the fediverse?

(FYI: I seem to be unable to respond to comments.)

  • RoosterBoy
    1 year ago

    If you are trying to view Lemmy communities on Mastodon all of the posts and comments get jumbled together. Pixelfed can’t see anything from Lemmy and only image posts from Mastodon. None of the services track each other’s likes or reblogs.