Due to a quirk of how federation works, you cannot discover communities or magazines through search or on “all”, until at least one other user on your instance has manually triggered federation to be “initialized” by searching for that exact community/magazine.

I thought it would be good to keep a list to help us all find the places wed like to participate in. So far, I’ve found, and created some of what is listed below. If you know about or start a new community/magazine, comment! I’ll update the list.

Save this post so you can come back to it as it grows.

Mods of anime communities/magazines, consider copying parts of, or the whole list, into your sidebars.

On Lemmy, if a link does not work on your instance, it into search. If browsing from Kbin, replace /c/ in url with /m/ or enter the community name with an @ instead of ! in search.

Recent events

lemmy.ml has banned several anime communities over recent months. The status of anime-related content on .ml is thereby strenuous, and most of us are making an effort to move away from hosting communities on lemmy.ml as a precaution.

There is always a possibility for resolution, but as of now, lemmy.ml’s admins have not been particularly accepting of the anime community, and even defederated ani.social.

Anime instances

Recommended communities

Some basic communities most people should like. I’ve marked other communities that I personally follow as “active” but other communities are also alive. And if the aren’t, make em alive :D



“Moe” art communities

these are all kept very active by me, personally

Specific anime franchises

Kbin magazines

If link does not work, go to the magazine on Kbin, and paste the entire URL into search on your instance. With kbin magazines, the !subname@instan.ce format does not work on lemmy.