So I have a born again christian family member in their mid twenties who stated with complete confidence that there is a dome in the sky called the firmament and beyond it is where heaven is. She believes space doesn’t exist and rockets just blow up because the bible said so. She is not the brightest and normally I would let this sort of nonsense go but I work in aerospace and have multiple pieces of hardware in space so she is either calling me ignorant or a malicious agent for the devil purposely lying for her so I got pretty annoyed. I can’t find anything about this dome in a google search about religion and I suspect she ended up on a flat-earth YouTube channel that twisted a line in the bible to fit their beliefs and didn’t actually get it from her church. I know its probably hopeless to help her understand how dumb and frankly insulting this belief is but I can possibly talk some reason if I understand the source.

Are there any major or minor religions, christian or other that believe space is a lie and only god is outside our atmosphere?

  • JakeBacon
    14 months ago

    Interesting, I’ve not heard of this shell of ice, and I believe in a young earth. I have heard though of a similar hypothesis based in Genesis 2:5-6 which proposes that it did not rain before Noah’s flood and that plants were kept watered by a heavy mist and/or extremely humid atmosphere. Acoording to this idea, that excess water in the air and ground would’ve been all condensed by God as part of the flood.

    I’m not sure I entirely agree with the hypothesis, and I do not believe it is essential biblical knowledge so I don’t concern myself with it, but I have heard it before.