Hi all,

Today I found out that there is a community over at lemmy I would very much like to join (via Kbin of course). I had searched for that community earlier through Kbin using the ‘Local and Federated’ option when searching but I hadn’t seen any results.

This made me wonder how many communities I thought didn’t exist in the threadiverse actually do. I searched for another community by visiting Lemmy directly and lo and behold, that was indeed the case. These communities exist over at Lemmy but I cannot find them using the Magazine search, even if I select ‘Local and federated’.

Is there a way to search for/add/subscribe to communities at Lemmy, or elsewhere at the fedi/threadiverse from Kbin? Am I missing some feature or hack?

Thanks in advance for any tips

  • Crul
    7 months ago

    I cannot see any of the posts in the original community :(

    I cannot helps with that :/

    I know federation is not perfect. I would suggest trying again later just in case it’s taking some time to get the data from the other instance.