• @iturnedintoanewt
    5 months ago

    Yeah specially watching serpentza’s video on BYD throwing literally fields of electric cars fully completed, with their license plates and under 30 miles on them, to just rot in there. So whenever hearing EV sales from Chinese car makers… Suspicious-fry.jpg

    • Sonori
      45 months ago

      While there has been confirmed reports of smaller manufacturers faking the number of cars produced by claiming partly completed frames, why would BYD fully complete a car just to leave it in a field. No only is it leaving money on the table, but given the cost to build a car is far higher that the subsidy they’d be loosing money on every car.

      I also sopose that serpentza confirmed that the cars were owned by BYD and completely unconnected to the fields of EVs left over when the Chinese ride share bobble collapsed and several EV ride share companies went bankrupt.