TL;DR: Tumblr is discontinuing its Post Plus feature, allowing creators to charge for content, starting December 1st. This decision follows a leaked memo about downsizing due to struggles in meeting usage and revenue targets. Post Plus, introduced in 2021, didn’t meet expectations, leading to its discontinuation. Existing Post Plus content will be private from January 2024, and creators can’t produce new Post Plus content. Tipping will remain, but the future of Blaze, the sponsored post feature, is uncertain. (via chatGPT)

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    Tumblr is doing away with Post Plus, the feature that lets creators charge users a subscription to access their content.

    Starting on December 1st, creators will no longer be able to enable Post Plus on their blogs.

    The discontinuation of Post Plus comes just weeks after a leaked memo revealed the platform’s plans to downsize after struggling to meet usage and revenue targets.

    In a post on Tumblr, the platform’s staff members say they “originally introduced Post+ to uplift and support the vast swathes of incredible creators.” However, the company says the feature “didn’t land as we’d hoped” and made the decision to discontinue it after considering feedback and usage.

    Tumblr says existing Post Plus content will be available through the end of this year, but it will be marked as private starting in January 2024.

    Creators also won’t be able to create new Post Plus content at this time, and subscribers will no longer be charged.

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