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  • It’s expensive (and too expensive for me), but if you put it next to a MacBook Pro with a few upgrades it’s the same price and those get bought without thinking about it.

    To become more mainstream it definitely has to be cheaper, but there’s something bothering me about how all the other prices are acceptable.

    MacBooks are more of a working device and the upgrades are optional, the starting price is cheaper, I know. Still, these price points aren’t unheard of for Apple.

  • Yeah the graphics look a bit muddy occasionally but they said a Quest 3 improvement is coming. And I agree with the annoyances you mentioned. The menu seems to be made for a headset where you never turn irl, the notifications only appear on one side and so does the menu. And not being able to jump down e.g. a wall you just climbed is equally annoying. There definitely is a lot of stuff in the game though.

  • Not everything has to be about privacy or Meta. The Quest isn’t a productivity platform and it’s most likely going to be a terrible experience if you were trying to use this as a PC replacement. There’s literally nothing else you can do natively on it. And even these “apps”, they’re just a browser window. It doesn’t work offline. You can’t have a notes app next to it. I don’t see this going anywhere at all.

  • Of course cooperate social media isn’t the only harmful social media, if anything it might be the most civil one for its scale, simply because they’re trying to sell ads next to the content so the content can’t be complete garbage. They also have a bunch of other incentives that ultimately make it a shit experience for everyone, but there is an incentive to moderate.

    Something to remember is that it isn’t the company producing the harmful content. It’s people.