Nearly a million Tibetan children live in state-run residential schools on the Tibetan plateau. Chinese authorities subject these children to a highly politicized curriculum designed to strip them of their mother tongue, sever their ties to their religion and culture, and methodically replace their Tibetan identity with a Chinese one. Children as young as four have been separated from their parents and enrolled in boarding kindergartens under a recruitment strategy based largely on coercion.

  • @steltek
    -15 months ago

    Lots of countries have one or more official languages. What’s different is the purpose. Most sane countries define one to facilitate clear communication and transactions. China’s forcing this to extinguish a culture.

    Also “deranged white thought” is a pretty racist take when the flag bearing “white guy” countries of the United States and the UK both do not have an official language while most of the rest of the world generally does.