Fake HDMI cable crackdown - Taiwanese police raid suppliers of counterfeit HDMI cables, seize $2.6 million in knockoffs in a single day::Police in Taiwan have cracked down on counterfeit HDMI cable sales, raiding online sellers across the island.

  • @Kusimulkku
    24 months ago

    The fraud is not paying the license to the consortium, but the consumers should not really see anything wrong with it. It’s a digital signal. Even if the cable is poor quality, it either works, or not.

    I’d see something wrong with my cable just not working

    I guess maybe the only problem that could arise from this is when trying to watch DRM content on cables that are not properly licensed, there may be some sort of HDCP protection that will not work properly. Maaaaaybe.

    Could be they’re just selling cables that don’t do what thet claim they do. 4K, HDR, good luck.