• @simple
    4 months ago

    I was locked out of my account for a month and been in “customer support hell” with them. It was a nightmare, I would tell them it’s not allowing me to log in because it claims ALL my devices are suspicious and blocks access, and they would reply with a bot-generated E-mail saying I should try going into my account and changing settings. I would reply saying “You moron, I can’t access the settings, I can’t log in” and they would reply with the same message again.

    I don’t understand how such a large company can have such abysmal customer support. I’ve had my account for maybe over 15 years now and they couldn’t care less. In the end I fixed it by having a friend log in for me, but it was a wake-up call of how dependent I was on my email and how many services I used to login via Google. I would advise people not to be too attached to their account.

    • @dan1101
      174 months ago

      Almost without exception the larger a company is the worse their support is. I think companies should not be allowed to acquire or merge if it takes more than 5 minutes to talk to a person, if you even can at all.

      • I actually deleted my Amazon account for this reason, not because I wanted to that day, but because it was easier than trying to recover it.

        I had changed phone numbers and couldn’t get my two factor authentication after forgetting my password. Well surprise surprise, when I called up their only solution was to delete my account.

    • deweydecibel
      164 months ago

      I don’t understand how such a large company can have such abysmal customer support

      It doesn’t matter how big the company, if the customers don’t push for a thing, they won’t provide it.

      Google’s primary income is advertising. Their users are not their customers, at least not most of them. They don’t see a significant loss of revenue when users are just fucked over by their lack of support, so why bother?

      Frankly, there needed to be a regulation here of some kind to force companies like Google that control user accounts like this to provide a minimum level of support when their accounts get locked. People’s lives are tied to those accounts, being locked out of them for days can have serious negative effects.