• @Wanderer
    02 months ago

    No. My capitalist country paid for most of my education the rest I paid for on a low interest government backed loan. Total came to just over a years median salary.

    I used my grandads old car as it was largely worthless until it completely died on me within a year then I bought my own secondhand car. But that was after uni and working for a bit, so I used my own money for that car.

    • @4lan@lemmy.world
      12 months ago

      my government gave me a loan at 6.8%. The amount I have paid into it is the same as the original principle amount, I still owe 80% of it because of the interest. I am making 2x the average American and am still on a hamster wheel of the capitalist death cult. I will never own anything at this rate

      • @Wanderer
        2 months ago

        Yes the poltical system in America is terrible.

        But there are more capitalist countries without stupid education loans than with, it’s kinda just you guys. You really need some form of proporional representation.