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    BEIRUT — News organizations and rights groups that investigated shelling that killed a journalist and injured others in Lebanon in October said their findings indicate that Israel was responsible.

    The shelling on Oct. 13 in southern Lebanon killed Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah, 37, and severely wounded Agence France-Presse photographer Christina Assi, 28.

    Representatives of Reuters, AFP, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International appeared at a packed news conference in the Lebanese capital Thursday morning to jointly present the findings of their separate investigations into the attack on the journalists.

    Reuters editor in chief Alessandra Galloni condemned the killing in a statement and called on “Israel to explain how this could have happened and to hold to account those responsible.”

    AFP, which conducted its separate investigation in partnership with Airwars, a human rights nonprofit based in Britain, said the evidence it collected on the deadly strikes “points to a tank round used only by the Israeli army in this high-tension border region.”

    Ramzi Kaiss, Lebanon researcher for Human Rights Watch, told the news conference that the evidence reviewed by his organization shows “that the Israeli army knew or should have known that the people they were firing on were civilians and journalists.”

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