Hello everyone!

Another feature-packed Leomard update is here! This time I’m adding some long requested features. First one is the brand new Compact View, which can be enabled in the Preferences:

Now you can see more posts at once! Additionally, one feature that I’m really excited about is “Hidden Instances” setting. With this setting, you can simply type the hostnames of instances you do not want to see:

Last but not least, if you open “Search”, you now will find the list of trending communities:

This and more is awaiting in Leomard 0.3. Here’s a full changelog:


  • Added support for “!community@instance” and “@user@instance” in the text. You can now click on them to open the community or user profile
  • Added protocol handler for leomard:// links. Communties or profiles can be opened by opening a link with such protocol (example: leomard://!leomard@lemm.ee)
  • You can now feature a post in community as a moderator (right-click and click “Pin”)
  • Color coding to subcomments
  • Comments can now be marked as read manually, on post view, or vote
  • “Show NSFW Content in Feed” toggle
  • “Hide Read Posts” toggle
  • Cross-posting
  • Hide instances. Simply add an instance hostname to the list in settings, and posts, comments and profiles from that instance will not be shown in the feed and search
  • Compact View
  • Added profile editing
    • You can now change display name and banner in the profile view
    • You can view blocked communities and persons, as well as unblock them
    • To access, go into your profile and click the pen icon
  • “Trending” communities when opening Search. You can also scroll down to see more trending communities
  • You can now select from saved sessions on login screen


  • Decreased the indentation of the subcomments
  • Decreased the minimum window height, so the window won’t be too big on smaller screens or larger display scales
  • Slightly lowered system requirements to macOS 13.0 (previous version required was macOS 13.1)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed verifying URLs in post creation. Sometimes the server would not allow “HEAD” requests. If that’s the case, the app will send “GET”, if 405 is returned
  • Fixed adding images, if they have a space in the name
  • Window size is not restored correctly on launch
  • Fix duplicate call to updateUnreadMessagesCount() (#54)
  • When all replies are shown, when replying, the reply won’t disappear (#57)