Hello! I am new to blender and for a unity project try to make a simple player character. I made him some rudimentary clothes yesterday and then tried to attach a cloth modifier to them - However, when I bake it the outfit kind of ‘blows up’ and I dont know why it changes its shape like that (I added a picture).

Also, when I animate the character, now the outfit no longer moves with him, but it does when I remove the cloth modifier… Is the armature modifier not valid anymore? I kind of assumed the physics properties of the cloth would let the cloth move with the body (which has a collider modifier)

I hope you don’t mind me asking big noob questions here… Have a nice day!

  • Shake747@lemmy.dbzer0.com
    9 months ago

    Usual fixes for weird cloth sim issues:

    -Make sure everything has their scale applied (ctrl + a, set scale)

    -Parent the cloth to an armature bone, not the mesh of the character

    -If it is parented to a bone, ensure only the bone you need is in the vertex groups and not a bunch of needless others (the menu with the green triangle, you can see all of your vertex groups associated with the cloth there)

    If none of this works I’d have to look at your blend file