Hello everyone! Today a new Leomard update has been released! This update brings some of the QOL features. To start, you can now enable separation of Followed communities by their first letter:

Additionally, you can search the list of Followed communities:

Login screen also received a small upgrade. Leomard will try to load instance’s icon, as well as allow you to search for an instance by its name:

Last but not least, a small set of “Mod Tools” have been added, which will make moderating a community easier:

This and more is available in Leomard 0.4. Here’s the full changelog:


  • Mod Tools:
    • Remove posts
    • Lock posts
    • Distinguish comment
    • Remove comments
    • Remove community
    • Edit community
  • Post-locked indicator
  • Distinguished comment indicator
  • Instance icons on the login screen
  • Search for instance on the login screen
  • Search profiles
  • Separate followed communities by first letter of the name (disabled by default)
  • Prefered display name for communities and users: you can either choose to display handles, or display names
  • Search followed communities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed opening post, if you opened a community from another post
  • Fixed login to some instances caused to faulty decoding of site metadata
  • Fixed duplicate posts in communities
  • Fixed sorting of followed communities
  • athlon
    1 year ago

    By the way! If you ever had any problems with loging in using Leomard, this update should address that. I noticeds there was a bug with parsing Instance data regarding registration method, which is resolved now :)