Hello everyone!

After 9 days since the last major update, today I’m happy to announce Leomard 0.5! This update brings a long requested two-column view. In this view, opened posts are shown to the right side of the screen as so:

It works very good with the Compact View on! If you prefer the traditional popup view, you can still enable it in Preferences, which also received a new “Display” section:

Another new big feature is the brand new text editor. New text editor shows you how your Markdown text is going to look like live as you type it! Additionally, it has a heplful Toolbar at the top, which lets you add text formatting, insert link, image and preview the Markdown!

Lastly, Leomard can now mark posts as reas as you scroll past them in the Feed, without you needing to interact with the text in any way. You can enable it in the settings:

Of course, this update brings a number of different changes, such as viewing community mod logs, hiding communities instances in the Followed list and more. Here’s the full list:


  • Two-column view
    • Posts will open in the second column, instead of a popup window
    • You can enable it in Preferences -> Display -> Two-column view
  • The “!leomard@lemm.ee” in About view now opens the community in Leomard
  • Add “v” symbol to the right of comment, that doubles as Context Menu button for this comment
  • Add “Are you sure you want to close post creation” alert
  • Community modlog
  • Posts can now be marked as read when you scroll past them (disabled by default)
  • Add “Display” preferences
  • “Show Communities Instances” in Preferences -> Display


  • Big improvements to Post editor:
    • Added a toolbar with buttons for formatting
    • If you create a list or quote and press “Return”, the next line will automatically start with the same formatting
    • Text editor itself now shows formatting as you type
  • Updated the About to include HighlightedTextEditor license
  • Comment creator, profile sidebar editor and community sidebar editor now use the same text editor
  • Sort types dropdown text is now formatted correctly
  • General UI consistency improvements
  • Moved “Compact View” into “Display” preferences
  • Moved “Show Letter Separators” into “Display” preferences

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes not all comments would load
  • Fixed a bug where if user toggled on compact view, the already loaded posts would not be compacted correctly
  • Trending will not show NSFW communities anymore
  • Fixed decoding HTML entities in the title of the post
  • If compact view is enabled, if you open a post, the bottom bar will not be displayed in a single row anymore
    • athlonOPM
      11 months ago

      Yeah, sorry for taking so long with it 😅 Was a bit busy wtih other features too.

  • A Cool Dude@lemmy.ml
    9 months ago

    Hey, is there a way that you can put the option to always show the whole username with the instance on it, instead of just the plain username?

    For instance, mine would show as Confidant6298@lemmy.ml instead of just Confidant6298

    Edit: It would also be great if you added a way to resize texts. Right now the texts on posts are too small for me to read comfortably 😅. Also, if it is not too much to ask, an ultra dark mode would be great, in which the entire app is as black as possible and not have a dark grey background as it has now. Dark mode lovers like me would love an all black mode 😎