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  • Unions would probably work, as long as you get some people the company doesn’t want to replace in there too

    Maybe also federal regulations, although would probably just slow it because models are being made all around the world, including places like Russia and China that the US and EU don’t have legal influence over

    Also, it might be just me, but it feels like generative AI progress has really slowed, it almost feels like we’re approaching the point where we’ve squeezed the most out of the hardware we have and now we just have to wait for the hardware to get better

  • Tons of the reasons given for why congress can do things don’t really make sense, like civil rights amendments were defended with the reasoning that congress can regulate interstate commerce, and segregation affects interstate commerce. IMO that doesn’t make sense, but everyone goes along with it because these regulations are obviously good. If we had a good constitution, we wouldn’t need to make these weird excuses to do things that are clearly necessary for the public wellbeing, but unfortunately we don’t, so we have to make do and have any decision we make be randomly struck down by the courts when they decide they don’t like it anymore.