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  • Or maybe most people are missing the concept behind a concept album.

    The idea behind Slim Shady is that he’s a shitty person. Like BoJack Horseman, or Rick Sanchez. They’re entertaining, and the content surrounding them is great. But the point of it is realizing that they’re horrible people.

    The response of people saying his offensive remarks also missed the entire point, just like people who support the characters mentioned above

    EDIT: also, if you think that quote you put in your response is meant in any level of seriousness, you’re deranged…

    “Black transgender Klan member…” like, really? It’s ridiculous from the setup.

    EDIT 2: you being pissed off is the entire point.

    By all means, be pissed off. It’s entertaining to see people react in the expected way.

    But just realize you’re upset at a character, rather than a person.

    It’s like being pissed off that Cartman said some fuck shit and you blame it on the South par writers…. That is to say, fucking stupid