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  • I don’t think it was intended to be sensationalist, just a pun with the words. It’s one of those non-issue stories that are sort of tongue in cheek so the writer has a bit of fun.

    I think most outlets have pretty much given up writing anything serious about Apple based alarm issues as they’ve been a thing for years (whether it’s user error or otherwise), hence why this one in particular is just quoting people on TikTok of all places.

  • I dunno. 60km/h is pretty much 40mph, which seems acceptable for what looks like a low density country road. On those sorts of roads the center line is sort of implied, and cars move to each side when approaching each other. I’d personally say the US plays it safe on low density road speeds. For example, there are a ton of roads like this that are a similar width to the above (despite not looking it) but have a 60mph (~100km/h) limit.

  • The index is better overall and I love mine, but I can’t help but feel jealous that someone can just grab their quest, put it on and get into VR immediately. I have to cart my PC downstairs, turn the base stations on, find the index and wire it all up, troubleshoot why Windows has decided to mess up the drivers and now nothing works, and maybe half an hour later finally get into a game or completely give up and try again another time.

    The quest gains a lot in portability and ease of setup, and that does result in a lot of other features being sacrificed but to most people the downsides don’t matter as much.