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  • The heritage Foundation has been putting the right people in the right places for a long fucking time. Trump is only a foot in the door. The fundamentalists and far right will probably whack him themselves once he’s elected. They are using his stupidity and cult following to gain power. If you don’t resist, it’s going to be a handmade’s tale type dystopia for you and a return to pan continental war for us.

    I don’t envy your position tbh.

  • As a non American, trump winning will destabilise things in Europe way more than it will in America. The cunt’s said Russia can do what they want with NATO member states. It means all aid to Ukraine stops and Ukraine will lose because Putin has an endless supply of meat to take it if Ukraine can’t find the artillery shells. Russia will turn Ukraine’s now highly trained, well equipped, and battle hardened army against Poland. Major bloodbath! After enough primary school children have died on the frontline the Baltic states will be next, followed by Scandinavia.

    Sure Europe will eventually stop them but at a massive cost. And that’s only if China doesn’t openly arm Russia or send troops. The only way to avoid it is if the US and Europe remain tight.