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    I feel like people who like snow have never had to wake up at 3am to start a 15 hour shift of snow plowing and removal. And then another day of it, and several more.

    Snow plowing and removal at a scale larger than my driveway and sidewalks is fucking horrible. I used to love and enjoy snow prior to it being part of my job.

  • Loading a vehicle or container for moving. I’ve had friends ask me to basically take over their move. And yeah, I may be a sucker for doing it, but I will save people hours and multiple trips while moving. I 3d tetris the hell out of a uhaul.

    Height. I’m 6’6" on a good day. Top 99.897% in the world.

    Reviving and programming REMBASS units. REmotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System was a old ass piece of equipment when I was using it 20 years ago in the Army. You’d have to program different channels using another old ass piece of equipment. And very often they’d drop their fills, or not appreciate having a new, fully charged battery in it. It would frustrate people to no end because they’d spend hours trying to get it going, and then I’d stroll up talking all nice and pretty to the gear and shit would just work for me.

  • This has nothing to do with the house, other than the address, but I think it’s rude when two cities that are so close to each other and one city has a street of prominence named for the other and the other city doesn’t.

    There is superior st, Duluth. But no Duluth st, superior. They are so close! It’s like Kansas city and overland park!

    One town over’s main thoroughfare is named after my town, and my town is just lulz fuck you inbreds. And I think it’s rude.

  • Thai papaya salad was what got me into hot food. I was at a Thai restaurant with Thai friends, and they told me to try it. It looked like coleslaw to me, so I grabbed a bunch and started eating it. First couple bites were fine, but then the heat came. And the salad was the only thing that provided any temporary relief. I had so much of it. I loved it. I’ve tried it other places, never been as good because they will use jalapeno instead of the tiny Thai chilis.

  • I stood up in my best friend’s wedding, and he took the photos at mine. I went in and covered for him when his wife started labor for their first child. I bailed him out of jail when we had a particularly wild night of drinking. We often have the same or very similar daily driver vehicles. I wrote him letters and post cards nearly every day when he was in basic training, and they were such a hit with his group, he asked me to write them all a letter. I’ve known him 18 years, could not with confidence tell you his age.