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  • NVidia has a pretty good capture on the gaming market. Especially during the 980/1080 generations. I’ve also seen a ton of non media people insist on NVidia cuz of shadowplay.

    This is speculation, but I don’t think most new Linux users are building computers specifically for Linux. They’re letting their computers age, then considering Linux when they see the cost of the new generation of NVidia hardware.

    Let us not overestimate the general publics knowledge of hardware compatibility and operating systems in general. I think they conceptualize it like replacing a brick in a Lego wall. They’d have no reason to suspect it wouldn’t work.

  • I’ve seen a few people go from brown nosers, to union men, to “mad about capitalism”. Some of them even graduated to “this guy’s been reading books”, I know only one who’s begun pitifully stockpiling arms and ammo and another who joined mutual aid. I’m still quite young, but most lefties of my early adulthood bourgeios white educated American caste are only considering action as a result of Israeli Imperialism and fear of a another world imperial struggle. The vast majorities of these are still socially tolerant neoloberals.

  • This is honestly why I tell people commuting to work to get moto gear. Having an impact rated helmet and pads, padded hard knuckles, and your countries self defense option of choice tucked in your jacket is the only real insurance policy for murderously negligent cagers. Bike helmets aren’t suitable for road riding. Although I don’t know if CE back armor would help a man who got hit hard enough to “[tear] his body apart”. Although I suspect thats more describing the severe road rash that requires expensive moto gear to prevent.

    Unseriously: I as a patriotic American keep a 200. caliber AT hand mortar on me for all my bike rides for self defense reasons.