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  • Contact your local animal control/ordinance officer. Our local officer helps with providing food and live traps. They go to our local Humane Society for sterilization and are dropped back off in the neighborhood post recovery.

    We feed our local strays, opossums, skunks, racoons, foxes, and deer. We’re also in the heart of the suburbs with a major intersection 2 blocks away.

  • I’m not sure your last sentence is entirely accurate. He’s white-ish (orange would be more accurate), rich-ish (highly overleveraged), and connected-ish (those that are not in prison are jumping ship).

    Willing to concede the white/orange portion, but for a man who allegedly is worth billions he’s having trouble scraping together enough money for bond. Those connections wouldn’t even step up to post it for him or loan him the money to post.