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  • Slice & Dice is the best game I’ve ever gotten on my phone, I bought it over Thanksgiving in 2021 and haven’t stopped playing it since. It’s similar to deck builders, but dice based.

    It’s $7 on mobile, but has a good free to try demo. So you can see if you like it for free. It’s also available on Steam and itch.io

    The game is still in active development, but the dev only releases updates every 1-1.5 years. The updates are absolutely massive though and add a ton of content.

  • There’s not much concrete data I can find on accident rates on highways vs non-highways. You would expect small side streets accidents to have lower fatality rates though, with wrecks at highway speeds to have much higher fatality rates. From what I see, a government investigation into how safe autopilot is determined there were 13 deaths, which is very low number given the billions of miles driven with autopilot on (3 billion+ in 2020, probably 5-10billion now? Just guessing here since I can’t find a newer number).

    But yeah, there are so many factors with driving that it’s hard get an exact idea. Rural roads have the highest fatality rates (making up to 90% of accident fatalities in some states), and it’s not hard to image that Tesla’s are less popular in rural communities (although they seem to be pretty popular where I live).

    But also rural roads are a perfect use case for autopilot, generally easy driving conditions where most deaths happen due to speeding and the driver not paying attention. Increased adoption of self driving cars in rural communities would probably save a lot of lives.

  • It reminds me of the debate around self driving cars. Tesla has a flawed implementation of self driving tech, that’s trying to gather all the information it needs through camera inputs vs using multiple sensor types. This doesn’t always work, and has led to some questionable crashes where it definitely looks like a human driver could have avoided the crash.

    However, even with Tesla’s flawed self driving, They’re supposed to have far fewer wrecks than humans driving. According to Tesla’s safety report, Tesla’s in self driving mode average 5-6 million miles per accident vs 1-1.5 million miles for Tesla drivers not using self driving (US average is 500-750k miles per accident).

    So a system like this doesn’t have to be perfect to do a far better job than people can, but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel terrible for the unlucky people who things go poorly for.

  • When else would they post a negative review? The negative change just happened, so it makes sense that players would be posting negative reviews now.

    As for why people are responding negatively to this being called review bombing, a lot times the term is used to dismiss the bad reviews. “Those aren’t real negative reviews, we just got review bombed. Those players sure are fickle, aren’t they?” Basically calling it review bombing just makes it sound like the negative reviews aren’t legitimate and don’t have a valid reason to recommend against the game.