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  • You shouldn’t have to find compromises like buying burner phones to keep yourself protected, either. You shouldn’t have to look for workarounds to bypass overly strict phone verification. You shouldn’t have to do any of this, but the companies doing all of this shit doesn’t really give you a choice now, does it?

    I am sorry if I am coming off as overly cautious. I just want to keep myself protected without needing to do extra steps or any other shit. I literally will never understand why companies expect a very specific plan or very specific phone carrier in some very rare cases. It will just never make sense to me.

    Again, I am sorry if I am coming off as being overly cautious. I just want to make sure my data is safe and is not being sold against my will.

  • It’s not an actual phone number? It’s a VoIP number that literally protects your real identity. I mentioned this in the initial rant because no website supports it and expects me to get a ‘REAL’ phone and ‘REAL’ phone number. I literally cannot access half of the entire Internet due to this because companies want you to fork over thousands of dollars on a post-paid phone plan. Overwatch 2 literally was going to make people put in a phone number/phone plan to even access the game, and it had to ‘specifically’ be a post-paid plan. Prepaid plans didn’t work. And VoIP numbers were, once again, rendered useless. And guess what this gave Overwatch 2 a lot of? Controversy. They had to back down HARD on the phone number requirements and make it so any old OW account was exempt from this requirement. And that’s just a piece of the puzzle on how much of a complete nightmare Overwatch 2’s launch was. Endless login queues, errors, people getting booted mid-match and being sent right back in the queue, etc., it was a shitshow. But, why the hell did they even expect you to have a phone number to begin with? I am seriously hating the fact that this whole ‘demand any and all personal information from people as possible’ crap is becoming the norm. Every goddamn service, site, and game just expects you to have a phone number unlike a CAPTCHA like it used to be. God, I hate to say it, but doing these CAPTCHA challenges are much better than being told your VoIP number is practically unusable everywhere and that you have to fork out a shit-ton of cash on a phone and phone plan to even do 50% of things on the Internet.

  • I have tried using those in the form of VoIP numbers, and no fucking website supports any of them and they all expect you to use a ‘real’ number. I literally use TextNow to keep my actual phone number secure but I cannot use any form of SMS verification because I have to sign up for this fucking “Lock-In Number” subscription bullshit to even get the SMS code in my inbox. I have literally tried using a puppet phone before and the companies STILL expect me to buy a fucking phone plan and phone number. And most, if not all of the time, my TextNow number is useless because it is a VoIP number and nearly 90% of websites don’t support VoIP numbers.

  • That’s not the point I am trying to make. The point is that companies use very poor and very bad security to keep your phone number quote-unquote ‘protected’. Data leakers love it when companies have poor security as it makes it easier for them to attack their customers and expose their personal information. 2 years ago, Twitch suffered from a huge data breach that resulted in personal info getting accessed, which possibly included the phone numbers of verified users, because you have to enter in a phone number to be considered a ‘verified account’. Look, I do not trust these huge megacorps with my phone number if I ‘did’ have one. Besides, they will just sell your data to data brokers as it is, in which completely eliminates any sense of ‘privacy’ they claim to provide when you are forced to add two-factor authentication. The thing is, I care about my ‘personal information’ being ‘personal’ as it should be to begin with. The only time that having to give out your personal info sort-of makes sense is when you are needing to complete your taxes/bills, or when you’re entering shipping details on Amazon or eBay. Any other thing is just them wanting your personal information just to be wanting it.

  • Outright refusing to give companies more of my personal information. They have enough of the shit as it is and I am not trusting them with my information because you KNOW they will send it off to data brokers or use very poor security and protection methods to keep all of your data quote-unquote ‘anonymous’. Data leakers LOVE shit like that, and Twitch had a big data leak in 2022 that resulted in personal info being accessed, and that possibly included the phone numbers of verified Twitch accounts.