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  • For the life of me, I do not understand why there are 2 of each title. If they go with brand-specific titles, drafts cause stupid things like title swaps. If they go with “WWE” and “World” you end up with unequal championships. Seth and Priest already have the lesser world title. The only tier that doesn’t seem to have this problem is IC and US, but arguably the US title SHOULD be lower.

    They just spent months having Seth, Cody, Rock, and Roman appearing on both shows. We just went through a period where the tag champs were unified and appearing everywhere.

    Triple H is supposed to care about wrestling. This is screwing with title lineages and storylines and the overall product. Since this is supposed to be a new WWE, I suppose I’ll give it a try. But, this has never worked out in the past. Can’t see why this will be different.