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  • There’s not enough cat communities. I miss having a community for every single way a cat might be photographed. Cat sitting in a water bottle package? There’s a sub for that. Cat showing of their lil beans? Sub. Cat whiskers lookin like fireworks today? Sub. Come up with a new idea for a cat pic sub? There’s 50 people posting pics in it today. Now it’s pretty much just !cat@lemmy.world and there are only a couple posts per day.

    I mod a couple subs about cute bugs and I feel guilty if I don’t post regularly, because otherwise they can get pretty inactive. And that little bit of pressure makes it less likely for me to post. 50 upvotes is a lot there. 100 means it was a real banger. But they are real people, not bots.

    Just generally not enough activity. The price of being smaller and not so bot riddled is having less shit to look at.