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  • I think this is a dangerous attitude. He’s made some gaffs recently but overall has not been a terrible person or leader. Supporting the possibility of dropping a candidate this late in the game especially when there are no super star saviors waiting in the wings is the kind of party weakness the GOP would eat up and is a recipe for failure. You don’t have to love him at this point, but it’s too late to start over, just suck it up make a donation to his campaign and vow to become more involved in political change at earlier levels so hopefully we are not in this mess again.

  • Can anyone point to the law on this? I am in science and still was under this impression. Why is film different? I do share papers but I always thought I was doing so in the shadows. When I want to republish an image I’ve created that I’ve used in another paper I need to ask the publisher for permission to do so (this is pretty explicit) and then cite that source in the new publication. Ive assumed the publisher now owns my words as well and that I cant just share that with anyone. If that’s not true what sets it apart from your film? Can I share it as much as I’d like? Can I just put all my pdfs on my instutional public facing website? Does funding source matter at all?

  • I think I understand your perspective but lambasting people online for their browser choices is gross. Vivaldi has a respectable privacy oriented mission. Im not telling you to use it. You are telling me not to. Your strategy is inflammatory. Simply disagree that Vivaldi should be “lumped in” with other chromium browsers when they are practically trying to undermine everything that Google is doing with a highly functional browser that has real curb appeal since it can look and feel like chrome but can actually do way more out of the box without adding extensions. If your goal is some higher level martyrdom, sure use librewolf etc. If you want a powerful flexible browser that protects your personal privacy way better than chrome, it’s a reasonable choice.