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  • I wanna say it’s a G506 or something? It’s that one that like everyone has because it was ~$80 and there was a deal years ago at Best Buy that included a $50 Steam gift card. I don’t remember how long I’ve had it but it’s certainly out of warranty.

    It’s sort of always had this problem but suddenly it got A LOT worse. It’s around the same time as a Windows update. Makes me wonder if Windows was filtering out some of the clicks that were insanely close together before.

  • Oh my god, you’re right. Thank you! You just saved me a lot of stress. Because it finally finished and I selected to keep my files locally but the desktop was still “gone.”

    There are still some other weird things going on but they’re minor. My desktop background is just solid black instead of the image I was using and none of the icons on my desktop have the little arrow thing saying they’re shortcuts.

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    I have sort of been eyeing fish on and off for years. I enjoy my oh my zsh setup and have it somewhat customized. I use a modified version of the funky theme. (I can share if interested.) When I’m at work I don’t try new things that might affect my productivity (like trying a new shell) and when I have motivation to do techy stuff in my free time I really need to utilize it to do what I want because my focus really meanders.