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  • That’s fair to be annoyed about. I can understand their approach and their tradeoff for a bit of better water-/rain protection and having less components inside. With an USB-C adapter I am using my analog ear buds, even though I switch more and more to bluetooth as I find them more comfortable.

    Mediocre headphones, I would not say. They are definitely not top of the line technology wise, but I find them sufficient and sometimes even more than I expected fairly produced hardware to be.

  • As we do not have a community on Lemmy that I know of, here is a complete explanation of their service, their misdoings and more. This is pretty in-depth with references to other postings as well as articles and sources.


    They are currently losing money with their strategies either way, because exclusivity is expensive, free games, too. Luckily they still have the Fortnite money…

    But they are winning something else. User numbers. Claimed games as ‘purchases’ on their storefront. Active users per month. User binding to their ecosystem by having more and more games in their library, for ‘free’. This looks good for stakeholders ready to invest, or publishers to accept exclusivity deals in their future.

    And with time, the attrition towards their store will reduce so more and more become paying customers with their dubious tactics.