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  • It’s a core problem with image generator LLMs. For some fucking reason they seem to have fed them the content from sites that had a lot of porn. Guessing Imgur and Deviantart.

    Literally the first time I tried to use MS’s image generator, was out with some friends trying a new fried chicken place and we were discussing fake tinder profiles.

    So I thought to try it and make a fake image of “woman senuously eating fried chicken”.
    Content warning, blah blah blah.

    Try “Man sensuously eating fried chicken”. Works fine.

    We were all mystified by that. I went back a few days later to play around. Tried seeing what it didn’t like. Tried generating “woman relaxing at park”.
    Again, content warning. Switch to a man, no problem. Eventually got it to generate with “woman enjoying sunset in a park.” Got a very dark image, because it generated a completely nude woman T-posing in the dark.

    So, with that in hand I went back and started specifying “fully clothed” for a prompt involving the word “woman”. All of a sudden all of the prompts worked. They fed the bot so much porn that it defaulted women to being nude.

  • Star Trek has vastly better sensors, shielding, weapons and science.

    Sensors: they can detect the atmosphere and cargo inside a ship as well as how many individuals are in it. SW can’t detect when an entire ship has docked to the hull.

    Science: and then they can beam a person out of it. They can screw with any technology while transporting too.

    Shielding: ISDs and Death Star can’t keep fighter and the millennium falcon from running around inside their shield envelope. Federation shields give them the option to block crafting from passing.

    Weapons: They made bombs that break space itself, and then apparently almost everyone agreed to ban them because its a stupidly dangerous idea.

    Science 3: Genesis Device. Oh great you can destroy a planet. The Federation can create an entire solar system with a bomb.

    Science 4: Federation developed a matter phasing cloak. Romulans made personal cloaks.

    The only advantage the Empire has is numbers of ISDs. Even then, if the empire makes the wrong move they’ll piss off the Dominion or the Borg, and the empire literally can’t touch the borg.