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    I’ve actually had coffee tea, I have Indonesian family and one of the times I visited I was traded a bag of coffee leaves and berries for agreeing to be in some advertising pictures, and its actually pretty good!

  • For the first half of my transition over to Lemmy, I found myself talking and commenting more, even if I got into fights with Tankies a decent bit. I thought that once I blocked enough tankies and their instances my experience would get a bit better, and for a while it did, but then as time has gone on, I have begun to see that federation kind of makes good moderation extremely hard and rare, and if I try to use general feeds instead of curated ones, the amount of rage bait articles making it to the top has steadily started to increase, and this is finally pushing me away from Lemmy, and unfortunately back to Reddit since someone suggested Dig at one point, and good god its UI looks like I am constantly being fed ad after ad. I may eventually transition back to Gaia Online since I’m not super happy about going back to Reddit after all the shit Reddit has pulled, but I’m missing having a source of random information gain, that isnt hardcore tailored to rage bait.

  • Yeah, I know, thats why I’m finding lemmy not for me. This new rage bait every week is tiring and not adding anything to my life except stress, and once I started looking at who the moderaters were when Lemmy’d find a new thing to rave about, I found that often there was 1-3 actual moderators, which, fuck that. With reddit, the shit subs were the exception, here it feels like they ALL (FEEL being a key word here) have a tendency to dive face first into rage bait

    Edit: Most of the reddit migration happened because Reddit fucked over their moderators, a lot of us were happy with well moderated discussions, and if we didnt care to have moderators, we could have just stayed with reddit after the moderators were pushed away