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  • Lemmy is full of wealth social liberals who would rather be conservative if it wasn’t for the fascism. So they think things should just stay the same as long as possible for them to feel comfortable in their life. But argue they are progressive cause they have trans friends.

    I’m pretty happy with this change and have been rallying for it for 4 years.

  • No… They don’t even see us as shadows anymore. We barely make an impact. Attempts to fight back are crushed by a self regulating system of oppression and order. They may commit to performative acts that make the rich look like they know what’s going on but they couldn’t be bothered to care to think about if we are actually coming for them cause they are so detached from it all. Just look at the panic on their face anytime someone actually slips through the cracks and gets even near one of their yachts.

    They only see the big game being over and not being able to buy whatever they want and do anything they feel like to make a buck.

    They aren’t scared of us. Why should they be? Everything is designed to protect them.