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  • Yeah, it’s basically a fascist society if everyone was down with that, which kinda makes the fascism invisible? Like, it would be very difficult to say that the book was about how great fascism is, because it offers no reason for the reader to consider that a different, but worse, society could exist in this universe.

    It would be like saying most books are about about capitalism just because they happen to be set in a capitalist society.

  • Starship troopers was a fascist society where most everybody in the society was cool with it. Like, the basic structure of society is never really questioned much, and for that I find it hard to really call starship troopers particularly fascist in its messaging. The main character isn’t fulfilled by becoming a jump marine or an officer, he does both of those things with essentially zero self-reflection. The book makes it a point to show that he makes these big decisions on a whim and doesn’t consider them to be particularly consequential. It’s essentially a book about a guy that’s a part of the machine and isn’t particularly bothered by it one way or the other.

    Riiiiight at the end we get a tiny bit of “oorah” when his dad shows up, and even then it’s mostly just like “nice, welcome to the club, Dad.”

    Remember, everyone told him signing up for service was a dumb idea, and everyone in the service told him trying to become infantry was a dumb idea. His experiences don’t exactly prove them wrong.

  • Dude, don’t. This took 2 seconds to find. There’s more that I’m aware of just from memory too. Also, the white guys thing.

    Individual counter examples do not negate trend lines and you know it. I’ll try to come back later when I’m on my computer and link a few government reports that clearly demonstrate the mass shooter phenomenon as we know it properly started in the 90s. I don’t have the documents on my phone and I don’t remember the titles so I can’t Google them.

    I don’t consider fixing systemic issues in society to be a cop-out. I genuinely want to do all of those changes and more. There’s plenty of people who would consider suggesting gun law reform a cop-out, since it’s equally as unlikely to pass. Biden just suggested we bring back the assault weapons ban for the 70th time in his presidency (that’s the actual number), so you can judge how well that’s going.

  • Oh, no, it’s not that I don’t believe you. Just sounds like there’s different opinions within the military on the usefulness of burst fire.

    The M1a Springfield uses a totally different manual of arms than the M4/M16, especially when you fix the magazine.

    If we’re trying to square the 2nd amendment with reducing mass shootings (a very small but spectacular number of gun deaths) everything you listed would improve the situation slightly and there’s little reason why we shouldn’t have them. I’d throw in a storage requirement requiring guns and ammo be kept behind a lock. But mass shootings are much more of a social phenomenon than anything else. We’ve had access to capable guns for a very long time and mass shootings only became a thing in the 90s. That is, it’s not inherit to humanity, it’s cultural. (This should be further evidenced by the fact that they’re all done by white guys.)

    Now, that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s not. It’s saying that we know we can have a society with guns and without mass shootings because we used to have exactly that. Well, what did we have then that we don’t have now? Lower inequality, higher union representation, more accessible housing, less media saturation, higher minimum wage, fewer monopolies, etc. I would suggest reading Angry White Men by Michael Kimmel to get an idea of the kind of person and situation that produces mass shootings. There’s a racial component to it that won’t (and shouldn’t) change, but so much about our economic and social situation can change to get rid of mass shootings. Heck, even just Medicare for All would have a big impact, since it would make counseling free and accessible. Plus, all these social changes would have an even bigger impact in the other major areas of gun deaths, murders and suicides.

  • Logo-phonetic script (Chinese) is a bitch to learn and impossible to type. There were efforts to come up with a native Chinese keyboard and they all failed. The just use an English keyboard and spell phonetically through a conversion layer. Plus, alphabets, abjads, and syllabaries make it possible to recognize a word you’ve never seen before. I’m not an expert in this area though, I just know some words most people don’t.

  • I use the Sony A7iii and have essentially zero complaints. Maybe the A7iv would have been nicer to get the fully articulating screen, but it hasn’t been a significant limitation. I got the Sigma 60-600 for birds and wildlife and then I use old SLR lenses when I’m taking fun photos that don’t need autofocus. I will eventually get the Tamron 35-150 for indoor sports. The Sony ecosystem is great with the huge selection of lenses, and while I don’t like that third party lenses are limited to 15 frames per second, it’s not as bad as Cannon’s policy.