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  • If you want to use Trump’s private internal thoughts to make a diagnosis, that’s the kind of intimacy you want an interview with the patient to be sure of. Of course, you want an interview with the patient for any kind of diagnosis, but it becomes even simpler when we’re talking about analysing this level of detail in his internal psyche. Goldwater rule should apply double to this kind of “He acts proud but he’s secretly ashamed.”

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    Musk’s mental disorder is autism. And if someone were looking at this here meme and saying “Yeah, that’s how all autists act”, we’d call that person a bigot. Because they are.

    The reason sympathy and mental disorder ought to be correlated, is because the DSM exists to identify patients in need of treatment. The purpose of a diagnosis is to help someone. To give them easier access to medical treatment. Therefore, saying Trump has NPD is helping him. You shouldn’t do that, he’s a nazi!

  • They also ruined Soren.

    Soren is an established character in the Halo universe and he’s a tragic hero. His fatal flaw is emotional immaturity. He can’t handle his anger and he loses everyone he loves as a result, eventually being easily manipulated by an insurrectionist into going AWOL. Also, he can’t wear MJOLNIR because of his deformities and this is a defining fact for him because it meant he could never be a Spartan. It’s why he’s so angry.

    So naturally in the show they made him a suave and emotionally intelligent pirate captain who loves his wife and son and who wears MJOLNIR armour that he stole when he decided not to be a Spartan.