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  • MrAlternateTapetoTechnology@lemmy.worldWhy Americans aren’t buying more EVs
    22 days ago

    Of course he does. But a standard house power connection does not deliver the amount of power you need to charge a car.

    So you need to build a charging pole at your house if you want to charge ar home. Which is another investment.

    And if you are in a somewhat remote area and there are not many charging poles around you, you are also very limited in how far and how fast you can travel.

    So there really is no point investing in a charging pole and an EV car if the car is not capable of doing to the same things that a gas car can do.

    EDIT: thanks for the responses. I’m still not convinced that electric is a good option for me, but some issues seem to be fixed or not as bad as I thought.

    Still, within my price range it will take a while before I can pay one.

  • I symphatize with that, but it would seem they are definitely not going to last until they are successful. I respect that you work towards renewable energy, but they won’t lose one night of sleep if they have to fire you down the road.

    Take care of yourself, good luck.

    Edit: I just remembered from another thread. Somebody shared a gem about hoping: Hope in one hand, shit in the other and see which one gets filled first.

    Not to say hope is bad, but I also believe in being realistic about things.

  • Abuse chances the way you think. It can be fixed. I’ve seen it happen. But you will have to take action, abusers tend to never change.

    If you cannot do that, if you keep believing you can’t then you have given up. This is my last reply about this. I wish you the best and hope to hear from you in the future when you are in a better situation.

    On the other hand, I am just a stranger on the Internet, so I have no real info about your situation. But I’ve seen hopeless situations like yours before, and I’ve seen them get resolved. So I hope you find a way. Because there always is.

  • Well, it’s only going to get worse. Go to a shelter. There are resources to help with debt, sometimes government programs.

    If you stay you’re just digging the hole deeper. Every day you stay you are making it harder for yourself to leave. I know it is difficult.

    You’re in a very very shitty situation. But out of all the choices you have available to you, staying is worst one you could possibly pick.

    Do you have any friends or family that you can ask for help?

    In the end it is your choice to stay or go. But make sure it is an actual choice and not just submitting because you don’t see a way out.

    If you go to a shelter or the cops they might be able to at least explain to you what options you have. Perhaps there are numbers you could call for domestic abuse victims?

    It is very important that you take action or things will only get worse. And I cannot imagine you want to struggle the rest of your life while he keeps draining you of all your money.

  • My gf had been in sort of a similar situation. You need to get out. At all costs. Even if you have to leave the dogs.

    He will just do whatever he needs to do to keep you desperate and on his leash. So no matter what you do, he won’t met you save money, he won’t give you a chance to get away ever.

    The controlling behavior servers to keep you there at his disposal.

    He is not going to change. You will have too. So get of your ass and leave. It’s the only chance you have for a real life again. If you don’t, you basically submit and accept that this will be your life forever.

    I know that things may seem hopeless, but the situation you are in is affecting the way you think. You can get away, you can have a normal life but you have to decide that it is over and commit to getting away.

  • I understand why you ask this question, but really the fastest way to learn is to decide what you want the computer to do and start looking for that.

    One thing will lead to another and you’ll learn lots of things that way, while you’re immediately using it.

    Tutorials and courses can work, but usually it works best if you use whatever you are learning.

    So come up with an idea for a program, and start building. There will be mistakes, anger, frustration and cursing involved, but you will learn a lot.

    First at the lower level, and later on you will probably start wondering how to structure it all. And then you’ll learn about that too.

    My point? Just dive in, fall on your face a couple of times and you’ll learn a lot in a short time.

  • To the point where you hear a loud bang and some damage appears here or there.

    Was lost on the airfield trying to pick up some friends. Borrowed a van, so it wasn’t my car, I was lost and I was tired.

    Then I fucked up and made a U-turn without looking and hit another car on the side. Nobody got hurt, but there was some damage.

    Exchanged information and we each went on our way. Learned a valuable lesson that day.

  • Their job is to represent their clients interest and make sure they get a fair trial. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is one of the most important jobs for a justice system. I for one do not want to be charged for a crime I did not commit, and a good lawyer will turn that charge to shreds.

    Of course they sometimes seem like the bad guys when defending rough criminals but those have the right to a correct and fair process too.

  • The benefit: you no longer have to pay staff or rent for that studio. Take the IP’s, what else of value is there really? The rest is just a burden.

    Most of them are not bought to ensure their future or as an investment. They are bought to take the IP and eliminate a competitor or threat.

    It’s sad, but that’s the problem with big companies with huge wallets. They’ll push people out of a job and won’t loose any sleep over it either.

    At least that is what I think.