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    Lol, did you not read their expenses? 23*40*52=47840/12=3986.66*(8/10)=3189.33 Say taxes and such only 20%, likely more if they have any health insurance. 1850 out with rent & student loans.Take away the food 400. Leaves for electric (150), water (25), trash(10), car note(300), gas(150), maintenance (30), car insurance (180) Netflix(15) Internet (40) prepaid phone (20)

    Leaving $19.33, assuming I didn’t miss any reasonable expenses. Good luck saving up for anything or cutting down expenses, maybe return to a the college diet of ramen til you can pay off the car, if not indefinitely. 1 unexpected expense away from disaster.

    E: Fixed the number formatting, ty!

  • This, heaven forbid a fan who legitimately wanted to like the movies just didn’t like them. No problem with the time skip, the actors, love interests, etc. the plot just sucked, the story was haphazardly thrown together. Disney wanted to cash in on nostalgia and pumped out 3 movies with no prior planning or guiding direction between the films. But if anyone complains they’re being hypercritical, or racist, or sexist, or doesn’t appreciate the spirit of the movies. Fuck that, at least Filoni is slowly fixing it. Stomach literally sank when I learned he wasn’t in charge of the acolyte in some form.

  • Maybe I missed the boat on why we do it this way, but I think one of the first things we need to do is decouple jobs from insurance. Not much sucks as bad as losing a job then simultaneously losing insurance (oh but cobra! No cobra is stupidly expensive for someone out of a job)

    Wages would need to go up to cover what was lost, not to mention reaching a living wage, the pay still needs to cover cost of insurance. Also in that vein, our tax brackets need to rise, our current ones are outdated compared to inflation.

    This soapbox goes on a ways, but that’s probably enough for now.