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  • Miami Seaquarium applies for a permit to capture Keiko and bring him to their tank in Miami, which is smaller than the tank he was saved from in Mexico City. The application is rejected on the grounds that Norway has jurisdiction and has stated flatly that Keiko will not be captured because he is just fine, and they don’t believe orcas should be held in captivity anyway.

    All these Aquariums and “experts”/media channels that spread misinformation have a lot to answer for. He may not have joined a pod but which pod is going to let a random middle aged guy with a weird accent around their calves? That would have taken time Keiko didn’t have. I’m glad orcas are phased out of aquariums who can’t care for them.

  • The weirdest thing about this discourse is that people against it somehow seem to be very convinced self diagnosis is exclusively done based on internet memes or something along those lines. I spend years researching, reading multiple books by actual experts, reading scientific publications and hanging out in autism spaces to see if I fit in.

    … Almost like somebody who tends to … Oh idk have a special interest.

    And the contra side also dismisses privilege. It’s known that autism is under diagnosed in minorities. And things like I’d need to travel 5 hours (one way) multiple times to get a diagnosis. Potentially staying overnight. They’d want to talk to my abusive parents. I’m chronically ill. It’s not realistic and I live in a country that has reasonable health care. I wouldn’t magically be employable afterwards anyway or have some other tangible benefit. I’d just get somebody in a 15 € white coat tell me what I already know. Or dismiss me because they read me as the wrong gender and yolo autistic people don’t have humor.

  • I have two chronic illnesses. Hashimoto, an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid and endometriosis, a VERY painful under researched condition that for me affects the lower belly.

    I’ve researched the shit out of both conditions in a way that autistic people with a biology degree do. I follow the TH1/TH2 immune imbalance research to support my immune system via foods that balance this (avoid peanuts, mushrooms, melissa (the plant, I hope thats the English name), eat tomatoes, onions, turmeric, garlic). Also gluten triggers my autoimmune response. No gluten for me.

    As a result my thyroid looks A LOT healthier than it should be at this stage and still has retained a good bit of functionality. Which is a minor miracle.

    For endometriosis I’m lucky enough that the visanne pill works for me. That in addition to avoiding estrogen in food means I’m nearly pain free. There’s some people for whom nothing helps, they’ve had dozens of surgeries and they still often enough can’t think straight due to pain. Being comparatively pain free is at least a medium sized miracle.