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  • When I’m feeling blue about something for a while, I do try to exercise daily. I don’t know whether or not endorphins make a difference for me but I do not that I feel more awake after exercising. I like the feeling that I accomplished something for that day and it keeps my routine regular. The alternative that I can spend a lot of time thinking about something troubling me and I’m not productive.

  • I wouldn’t use “never get to experience” but i would say it’s much harder to have that real sense of community that we easily found in the 90s, early 2000s, etc.

    People are more connected to others but still more isolated from others. We were less connected to other people back then so people made a real effort to come up with fun activities and bond together. For kids, it’s the lack of just playing outside in the neighbourhood with friends. For adults, it’s the lack of third places and community/religious events.