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  • I think honestly they might be looking to have their own platform on PC one day to not paying the platform fee.

    if they keep using steam backend for part of their PC framework, they will pay a lot more in the end, compare to invest now take some flames and properly push for their account backend on PC WHILE have steam’s market place/distribution work for them.

    Don’t get me wrong, Sony already have the capability to server digital contents to all the PS5s, but it’s a closed system and no worry about hacking etc as much compare to PC.

  • I don’t mind about some minor cloth added, but it does kinda meh because perspectives. ( say for the bunny suit, if I can only pick one change to revert back I’d pick to remove extra cloth that covers more butt, not the cleavage part. Also once they release the PC version people are gonna mod it anyway unless they remain sony exclusive for extended period of time. )

    Yes, I’ve played HD2 but are kinda drifting away from it as I don’t see something more exciting or new. ST:E does require more team work and I like the new class variety as well. But it’s still very rough in current state, and not as “fun” for people that prefer casual hoard shooter. (cause you have to do all those “other” things on top of shooting the bugs. ) I do thing it’s heading into a good direction though, hope the devs keep pushing some boundaries.

  • Stellar Blade: It’s actually quite nice action play wise after I played the demo. And you get some eye candy + Nier style story plot I assume.

    Starship Troopers: Extermination: The new 0.7 update gives something interesting to play with multiple classes, and ways to bring weapon to different class. I am having fun with it even though the overall jank/bug/balance and issues. Grinding class unlock only take about maybe 7-10 matches depending on your class of choice and game mode. And support class are actually quite important, missions success or fail pretty much relies on the classes to do their job. I wish they have more maps and game mode + more bug types to come before I got bore with it again.

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    2 months ago

    If you only play old games for story mode, the CPU read inputs so you are gonna have a bad time anyway if you don’t exploit their tendencies. Don’t spam fire ball cause I think by the 2nd or 3rd match you start to getting jumped on. In fact, if you know how to do anti air(couch heavy punch from Ken) with proper timing you can beat the run pretty easily except char with command grab.

    Like for CPU don’t even try complex input, read on internet for most basic punish(like empty jump in and then throw against zoner) cause throw is really high damage & strong in SF2. If you push them to wall then you do the light punch fireball with some distance to bait them to jump over then do your punish.