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  • Eh, whackamole enforcement usually cuts mustard with this kind of stuff.

    Like yeah someone’s gonna do it anyways just because, but then all it takes is enough people raising an alarm to bring it down, and as a side effect, remove more shitass developers from the market.

    You end up with an equilibrium where not every example is getting the hammers of justice, but enough examples are that the average consumer still feels the benefit of a noticeably less toxic internet.

  • Probably a lot of black families actually do have fried chicken, barbeque and cookouts are apparently a big part of the festivities traditionally.

    If you find yourself becoming such good friends with a black person that they actually invite you to one of these cookouts, don’t bring fried chicken, or watermelons, or most of the stereotypical “black” foods, they’re considered black people food because the post civil war south fostered an environment of chronic black poverty on purpose that led to black families tending towards raising cheaper animals and growing cheaper crops for their own consumption.

    So a white guy cracking watermelon or fried chicken jokes or bringing that kind of stuff to a black celebration comes across less as trying to share in the culture and more as rubbing salt in a, in many ways still open, wound.

    As for what you should bring, bro just ask. Just making it known ya want to bring something for folks to enjoy will be good and appreciated, and if they decide they’d like to take you up on that, they’ll either give you a recipe off their list of stuff they’ve decided they want or ask what you think you can handle making and take your word on that if anything you feel confident making sounds good. Who knows, maybe that year will go down as the year that corned beef ya mentioned becomes a staple of the annual cookout!

  • The root of the concept of race was in religious affiliation, so Jews have been a separate entity since before race even was about what we think of as race.

    Also, not all jews are of European descent even taking that into consideration, in fact prior to the establishment of Israel many of the largest centers of Jewish culture were in the middle east. Specifically in Babylon/Baghdad, and apparently also significantly in the Maghreb. There’s also the Ethiopian jewish community which is a whole other subject historically speaking.

  • < gonna be real quiet when the even worse option does even worse stuff because they didn’t vote because “mIlQuEtOaSt!” and “rEaL sOlUtIoNs!”

    Almost none of what you said is a counterargument or even separate from what I said, you just phrased it like a takedown because the idea that this movement not give in to fatalism and cynicism pisses you off for some reason so you need to make it about letting the Right win and institute mandatory coal rolling quotas is uber l337 based praxis or some shit because “bUt DeMs BaD tOo!”

    “Man I know how I’ll address the climate crisis in 2000, vote for Ralph Nader! Surely letting Bush win won’t have disastrous consequences for the entire world!”, that’s what you just tried to shoehorn in here, “surely project 2025 won’t be that bad!”

    That is a bet only someone who has no right to be deciding could consider making.

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    So funny thing, apparently this here is actually a very small part of horse unit work, and the reason cities might still have a horse patrol is because they’re convenient to send out on heavy bar nights.


    Because the drunks are all overgrown toddlers and drop the belligerent act because “shhhhhh don’t spook the horsey!!!”

    That being said the vid of the one loser in London basically getting corralled like a misbehaving calf by a single patrol lady is still pretty damn funny.

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    Nah, what I’ve said stands, this is fundamentally about the right to have your own identity be respected, and how queer folks have had to fight tooth and nail just to even get so much as singular they/them accepted in the anglosphere.

    There is literally no good reason for there to be a fight about this. You can learn new pronunciation, you can ask for reminders, you can do whatever, but everyone coming at me about “but da X is dum do!” is siding with “but I don’t waaaaaaaaaaana!” at the most benign, and “if I see someone using that X I’ll burn them alive myself!” at the far end, and yes I have personally seen that sentiment expressed, and not even in the present age of reddit collapse, this was shit from before the pandemic.

    Just because society moved on to different means of communication doesn’t mean we don’t have lessons to learn from why we had to move on and what highly toxic cultural forces were behind pushing that move, lest we have this conversation about why the e was bad and stupid and dumb 10 years from now.

    Not to mention the wildly patronizing reflex of some D&I folks to try and say “actually bigotry can be ok if it’s the ‘global south’™ because being disgusted by bigotry even when ‘the good people’™ do it is colonialism or something.”

    As if those values aren’t literally a direct product of missionary colonialism.