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    I’m not going to try to read on your ideology, but I think you’re missing why people dislike tankies.

    It’s not that they are against NATO, Israel, US, Ukraine… Or that they support Russia, China…

    The problems are two:

    1. Absolute belief that the world is black and white, and that their side is a paragon of virtue and quality of life, and human rights… Any and all criticism is “western propaganda”. This means anything they can’t deny is the others side fault “Zelensky is to blame for defending” and “Israel is to blame for attacking”.

    2. Beyond just “excusing” the atrocities, they love them. Anybody who opposes them is a valid target. They might rationalize it in some cases, but in the end there are no innocent civilians unless they support them.

    Edit: I’ve seem to have hurt some tankies feelings. Good.

  • Google s is the largest, but not the only one. Amazon, Samsung and some OEMs have their own app stores too.

    There are alson sites that archive and distribute apks, like Apkmirror.

    I have a tablet logged to nothing (as in no account, not the OEM) and all my apps come from fdroid, obtanium or apkmirror.

    It started as an experiment, and honestly it’s (for me) not a big hurdle, but an app store would make things easier, that’s for sure.

  • I had been using Linux for home and work for the past 10 years, dual booting for games mostly (do basically only to use steam).

    Recently I had to change jobs and was given a windows laptop. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the candy crush ad is still present on corporate devices. In a $3500 workstation from a fortune 50. What the hell.

    I managed to get a Mac instead. IT is still laughing about me for asking Linux instead